War of the Worlds

Cinemaster Score: 7/10

Overall Review

War of the Worlds may not be a defining piece from Steven Spielberg’s body of work, but it is still a perfectly enjoyable sci-fi thriller that is full of great scenes. Driven by Tom Cruise’s focused performance (as a father protecting his two children during an uncertain time), War of the Worlds is full of tense and surprising moments that never cease to thrill. Thanks to the realistic family dynamic – as well as the grounded writing that forms each character – any loss the characters experience feel equally as important to the audience. However, the poor pacing of the film does lend too much unnecessary down time and scenes that seem wildly out of place. This, combined with multiple subplots that completely stray from the film’s main plotline, and War of the Worlds becomes an occasionally disjointed experience. Overall, War of the Worlds is a good character-driven film that – despite lacking a strong flow and containing some strange sideplots – is still well made and enjoyable.

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