Cinemaster Score: 3.5/10

Overall Review

Anaconda is a strangely popular film that technically fits into the action/thriller genre. However, the movie isn’t so action-packed, nor is it very thrilling prior to the climax. The film feels campy in a way reminiscent of Pet Semetary (1989). The cast is loaded up with B-grade actors that provide even worse performances. Furthermore, the film aged terribly due to the awful, infamous CGI used during that era of film. Anaconda’s writing, too, is mediocre at its pique – leading to highly forgettable characters. For Luis Llosa (Director), though, this is his magnum opus; which explains the lack film’s overall lack of quality. Anaconda isn’t very enjoyable either, the bland cinematography and slow pacing is unmatched in its bore factor. Truthfully, the only redeeming quality of Anaconda, is the subgenre it spawned – including the numerous over-the-top sci-fi monster flicks – even though those films generally tend to miss the mark when it  comes to critical quality as well.

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