Cinemaster Score: 9.5/10

Overall Review

Martin Scorsese has plenty of crime films in his long career of filmmaking, but none stand out as clearly as Goodfellas. A testament to its quality, nearly every mob movie since its release has been compared to Scorsese’s masterwork. From the quotable dialogue filled with memorable expletives, to the astonishing performances that include Joe Pesci at his very best – there is barely a flaw to be found in its two and a half hour runtime. Scorsese orchestrates a tense and entertaining plot that never slows in pace or dips in quality. Combined with the excellent cast containing the likes of Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta (among many others), as well as the intricate performances that fill them – the film maintains your attention at every moment. Goodfellas stands out as one of the very best in the crime genre; thanks to its incredible direction from the mastermind Scorsese – as well as the perfectly balanced elements of film that are so adeptly represented.

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