Batman & Robin

Cinemaster Score: 2/10

Overall Review

There is no shortage of bad superhero films; and yet a select few are mentioned more often than others. Perhaps the most frequently acknowledged is the absolutely atrocious Batman & Robin, which stands above the rest as the absolute worst of the worst. From the woeful miscasting of George Clooney as the iconic superhero, to the laugh out loud script that contains some of the most unintelligent dialogue put to screen – Batman & Robin is terrible across the board. Director Joel Schumaker said himself that he made Batman & Robin to appeal to children and provide a market for selling toys and, as a result, the film feels like a soulless product of greedy filmmaking. Nothing feels made out of passion, nor the desire to create something with substance. Even the action scenes, a staple of the superhero franchise, are made comical with the witless dialogue and poor choreography that create it. To make matters worse, the costumes of our group of superheroes are perhaps the most deplorable part of the film. Not only do they come with celebratory butt shots, but we are given an extremely detailed look at the nipples that make up the suits. Said inclusion only adds to the film’s already abundant detractions and makes the negative status of the movie legendary. There’s a reason the Batman franchise was rebooted – that reason undoubtedly being this poor imitation of the iconic caped crusader.

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