The Blair Witch Project

Cinemaster Score: 3.5/10

Overall Review

The Blair Witch Project is a flick that many adore; one that is oftentimes praised for its innovative camera work and marketing campaign. Unfortunately though, neither of those two things – the film’s only two redeeming qualities – have aged well at all. The marketing campaign that got the movie so much attention has been long forgotten by most – especially younger audiences who will watch the film for the first time. Plus, the technical innovation of a “found footage” style film was only great and new at the time. More (and better) movies have released that do the same thing since then. Therefore – while the director can still be praised for using the technique first – the film isn’t anything special because of the camera work anymore. Besides its best two features, The Blair Witch Project is a flimsy flop, critically speaking. Not to say that the acting was terrible, but it certainly took little to no real talent. The script for The Blair Witch Project, too, is full of overused (and forced) profanity – which is progressively more annoying as the film goes on. Not to mention the weak story and unlikable characters. Most also tend to think of the flick’s ending as one of the scariest one’s in any horror film, but that simply is not the case. The ending is only moderately scary at best and only seems greater because of how underwhelming the rest of the movie before it is. That being said, The Blair Witch Project in general is just that; an underwhelming mess.

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