Mission: Impossible 2

Cinemaster Score: 4/10

Overall Review

Mission: Impossible 2 is easily the franchise’s worst so far. When looking at the Mission: Impossible series, you’ll see that most are serious action flicks with high tension. However, the second installment is pure action cheese. The story is cliché-ridden, the acting is only memorable became of Tom Cruise’s hairdo, and the enjoyment is held back by the rest of the series’ high-set expectations of serious action. The action isn’t bad; although, it’s almost funny to watch at times – especially the slow motion sequence near the end. Yet, the worst part of Mission: Impossible 2 may be the plot device it overuses. That device being the franchise’s now common face masks that look and sound identical to another character. For most of the films, it’s something used cautiously and not too often. But that wasn’t the case here, with the plot device being used a laughable number of times throughout. While Mission: Impossible 2 could have been a decent standalone action flick, it is held back by it’s lack of consistency in relation to the films that surround it.

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