World War Z

Cinemaster Score: 7/10

Overall Review

World War Z has so many elements working together perfectly for it. The characters are well cast (mainly Brad Pitt), there is an intriguing mission compelling us to see it through to the end, and the action that unfolds when hundreds of zombies are hording the screen is visually appealing and visceral. However, the film has some obvious detractions – mainly involving certain lines of dialogue and head scratching moments of action. The repeated use of flashbacks does little to advance the story beyond simply reiterating what we already know, especially later in the film when a stream of pointless moments are called back for no meaningful reason. Combined with the fact that there is little to no tension in regards to the protagonist very rarely finding himself in situations beyond his control or ability; the disconnect between the audience and many of the characters becomes far greater. Still, World War Z manages to maintain a steady pace and flow that makes it entertaining to watch and easy to pay attention to until the credits roll. Despite its obvious flaws, the film has some great performances and enough eye-popping scenes of zombie mayhem to keep any viewer satisfied.

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