It Follows

Cinemaster Score: 4/10

Overall Review

It Follows is a horror flick that receives quite a bit of praise. Many claim it’s an amazing film that even may be one of the very best its decade had to offer. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It Follows, in reality, is one of the most overrated flicks in its genre. The cast puts on performances that aren’t memorable – though they aren’t terrible. The film stands on the legs of its concept. One that is very interesting and full of potential. Unfortunately, that potential is wasted in a generic movie that does nothing new besides the very least required to keep with its concept. The writing and direction is where It Follows fails the worst, though. The film has only a few scenes of tension and fails to strike fear throughout the majority of its runtime. Not to mention – after running from and trying to escape the creature that follows – the ending is utterly unsatisfying. While, from a casual standpoint, it may appear that the twist as ambiguous and interesting; it appears much more likely that such an ending was due to lazy writing and leaves the entire experience prior seeming relatively pointless. Therefore – despite what some will say – It Follows borders on being a terrible movie.

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