Cinemaster Score: 4.5/10

Overall Review

Contagion is as advertised; a scientifically realistic look at how a pandemic would be dealt with in our modern day and age. What seemed to be an auspicious concept turned out terrible from any critical viewpoint. The film is, put simply, hard to enjoy.  A majority of the cast is overqualified for such minor roles that require so little of them – resulting in even the stars appearing to be bored throughout the film. Such a feeling of ennui for the audience, though, comes primarily from the dialogue. While the story is realistic and, therefore, not so exciting – the script only makes it exponentially worse. In Contagion, there are two different types of dialogue present. The first kind is made up of long stretches of exposition using the most scientific terminology; which benefits its case for realism, but doesn’t make for good entertainment. The other category is what all of the rest of the dialogue falls into. This alternative type of exchange between characters is just as hard to watch. Although, that is because these exchanges are painfully plain and, simply, made up of downright bad writing. In hindsight, the best part of Contagion is the soundtrack – which is the only thing keeping it watchable – yet even that is subpar. All of which points to a revelation that Contagion is a dud in director Steven Soderbergh’s career, and one that certainly isn’t worthy of the praise it often receives.

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