Terminator: Dark Fate

Cinemaster Score: 6.5/10

Overall Review

Many may be put off by the “unique” creative choices that Terminator: Dark Fate makes, especially if they are hardcore fans of the original and its iconic storyline. However – despite any controversial decisions the movie makes – Terminator: Dark Fate is by no means a bad movie. The performances of Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, and of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger are each well-rounded and consistently good across the board. Yet, some of the lesser known actors that make up Terminator: Dark Fate’s cast leave much to be desired. The action and special effects of the movie are considerably better in execution compared to its predecessor Terminator: Genisys; which really isn’t much of a challenge. Where the film falters is its dialogue and hackneyed story. There are some scenes that work smoothly, and many that are quite difficult to watch due to the lack of an intelligent script. This affects the pacing and flow of the story – which will sporadically dip in tone and tension at random spurts throughout the movie. As a result, the majority of the film suffers from its lackluster plot and whatever good intentions it may have are hidden under a half-baked story structure. Despite its obvious flaws, Terminator: Dark Fate is perfectly above average in totality, and is still an entertaining watch regardless of its shortcomings.

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