Birds of Prey

Cinemaster Score: 8/10

Overall Review

Birds of Prey, unfortunately, is one of the biggest box office flops amongst DC films – ever. However, this flick happens to be one of their most cleverly crafted – a pleasant surprise to say the least. Each actress in Birds of Prey puts on a fantastic show – especially Margot Robbie with an unforgettable performance as Harley Quinn paired with Ewan McGregor’s brilliance as antagonist Roman Sionis. The characters they play, too, are dynamic and entertaining throughout the runtime’s entirety. Better yet, director Cathy Yan assures there’s a unique level of intelligence in the way this film is put together. It’s something that spreads over into the script with both smart, as well as witty, hilarious dialogue. As a whole, it’s able to highlight all the right parts of what Suicide Squad did well. Although, it isn’t all so perfectly fine-tuned; critically a tale of three acts. The first act is exciting and grabs tight on your attention – it presents a different kind of experience in the “superhero” genre. The second act is similar but begins to drag, struggling to keep pace with the impressive beginning. Lamentably, the third act is cliché-ridden and messy – though there is a lot more action and a satisfying conclusion. Overall, Birds of Prey is one of the better DC flicks to come about and – had it marketed itself better – had the potential to be the best commercially successful, too.

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