Rambo: Last Blood

Cinemaster Score: 4.5/10

Overall Review

When the trailer released for Rambo: Last Blood, it seemed like another uninspired and cliché-ridden adventure for the iconic protagonist; and, in many aspects, it is. The story follows Rambo taking revenge on a Mexican drug cartel, and nearly every character involved in said conflict is unbearable. The film lacks any semblance of  meaningful character development or depth – a problem that resurges across multiple aspects of the movie. Certain actors’ performances are atrocious in their delivery, and this is made worse by a lack of intelligent dialogue provided to them. Some are just unintentionally cheesy and perhaps one or two characters are acted “fine”. However, the plot itself is nothing special – with several totally unrealistic scenarios (even for Rambo) and, as such, any tension that could possibly be built, isn’t. Rambo: Last Blood’s saving grace, though, is the inventive ways in which Rambo dispatches waves of henchmen. The impact of his carnage is fully felt thanks to the truly gruesome special effects provided. That is, whenever Rambo is causing chaos on screen, the film instantly becomes one of the most entertaining of the year. Still, the undeniable lack of quality across the board cannot be dismissed – no matter how enjoyable certain moments may be.

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