Hellboy (2019)

Cinemaster Score: 4.5/10

Overall Review

Hellboy (2019) is, without any sugar-coating, a critically bad film. There are a handful of things that work great for it, though, and – while they can’t save the film – they shouldn’t be forgotten. Start by looking at the cast; the leading actors/actresses all put in solid performances for the film. Plus, the entertainment factor is quite high – with elaborate and epic battle sequences throughout. The guts and gore of it all surely make Hellboy (2019) much more fun to watch than you’d expect when looking at critical reviews alone. Nonetheless, those reviews shouldn’t be ignored. Hellboy (2019) is a clear misfire from director Neil Marshall. Marshall’s primary mistake is in attempting to balance far too many side plots in every space between the main story. It causes a jumble of loose ends that – due to the flick’s box-office failure – will never get to be tied up. Marshall is also only occasionally able to execute on comedic relief, with plenty of jokes failing to land. Had it been marketed better or given a better screenplay in general, Hellboy (2019) may have had the potential to be an amazing reboot.

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