Cinemaster Score: 6/10

Overall Review

When it comes to modern horror flicks, it’s hard to get closer to average than Countdown. The film’s screenplay is written in the same boilerplate standard as most present-day releases. The acting is mediocre – nobody stands out as noteworthy. Each character present feels relatively soulless due to the generalized tropes they follow. Although, when we watched Countdown, it was quite enjoyable. Unfortunately, that wasn’t because of some surprising fear factor; but rather a story so flawed and familiar it became laughable. To put it simply, Countdown isn’t anything unique. Conceptually it is just interesting enough to attract viewers. Substantially it is lacking depth or meaning – with exploits of something the average moviegoer is used to seeing. It won’t leave you disappointed by falling short. Though, it will disappoint by not bringing anything new or innovative to a now relatively bland genre. Unsurprisingly, this very forgettable flick is lead by a little known director and – even though you’d expect much different – he tries very little to make a name for himself. All of which ensures Countdown is a complete and total dud.

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