Knives Out

Cinemaster Score: 9.5/10

Overall Review

We all know Rian Johnson is capable of crafting an amazing film, as he had already done so before with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But regardless, Knives Out was a surprise hit. It managed to tell a unique and interesting story filled with clever twists and revelations, while also providing relevant social commentary and strong comedic moments. From the casting of Daniel Craig as the Sherlock Holmes-esque Detective, Benoit Blanc, to the deeply layered script that provides a stellar cast with excellent material – Knives Out is a near-perfect film across the board. Each scene contributes something major to the plot of the film, and as such it moves with a blistering energy that manages to entertain and enthrall at every turn. The film keeps you guessing at every new detail introduced and never once gets boring. What’s most surprising, however, is that – in a year filled with blockbuster box office smashes and conventional films ruling screenings – a film that is as original as Knives Out became such a success. This alone is a testament to the quality of this smart whodunit thriller and, as such, it ranks among the very best films we’ve seen this year.

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