Doctor Sleep

Cinemaster Score: 9.5/10

Overall Review

To start, let’s get one thing out of the way in saying The Shining is one of the greatest, most iconic, horror films of all time. Therefore, the news that there would be a sequel was intriguing, yet a tad bit concerning. Doctor Sleep had the potential to either ruin a legacy left behind or embolden it. Fortunately, Doctor Sleep manages to pull off the latter. Every component of the film works coherently. There are stellar performances from the cast – especially Ewan McGregor. There’s scriptual Easter eggs that bring about nostalgia, though not forceful in the efforts to exploit it. Doctor Sleep’s characters, however, is where it may be most impressive. The return of Danny Torrance is a pleasant one, but the new additions are even better. Danny’s co-protagonist, Abra, is one of the best in recent memory amongst the genre. Plus, the film’s antagonistic villains are terrifying. Mike Flannagan (Director) is at the peak of his career with Doctor Sleep. He assures the flick has consistent pacing as well as a well-crafted balance. It is captivating with only a few action scenes, but when they come around it makes for some of the movie’s best scenes. It’s hard not to praise Doctor Sleep even more, as it finds itself atop some of the best horror films in our modern day.

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