Wedding Crashers

Cinemaster Score: 8.5/10

Overall Review

When anyone asks what the funniest movies we’ve ever seen are, there’s no hesitation in saying that Wedding Crashers is one of the most hilarious films there are. Maybe it’s because of the amazing comedic timing of the now iconic duo, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Or perhaps it’s the wild cast of supporting characters that at every turn manage to steal the show. Or even for the memorable dialogue that injects both playful levity and heartfelt camaraderie in the most entertaining of ways. All of it is near excellent, even in the hands of an amateur director (David Dobkin). He not only handles each character with care and dedication, but also serves a meaningful plot that teaches plenty of valuable lessons along the way. Nearly every aspect of Wedding Crashers is finely tuned and full of undeniable charm – being a pure joy from start to finish. Come for the laughs and stay for the experience, because this is a very special kind of movie.

The Breakdown

Acting; Wedding Crashers is made up of the iconic duo of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. Without those two stars, the film just wouldn’t be the same. They have a unique chemistry that works oh so well. Vaughn and Wilson play the titular wedding crashers and bring vibrant life to their roles. Their charm works well to establish their characters, too. Even looking past the two main stars, the cast is able to put on solid performances. In the leading female roles are the high energy Isla Fisher and the striking Rachel McAdams. In even more minor supporting roles are Christopher Walken with his always mesmerizing execution of the script. Add in Bradley Cooper’s feature debut and a cameo from Will Ferrell and you have a wonderfully acted flick.

Script; What makes Wedding Crashers so entertainingly funny is its strong script. Nearly every character is compelling and hilarious thanks to the snappy dialogue and strong performances that accompany them. Even heartfelt moments (something typically missing from a comedy like this) are written with care and are never overly sappy. But of course, the best written characters of the bunch are Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn’s personas. The duo are absolutely hilarious when they’re on screen, bringing life to every scene they’re in and providing us with some of the movie’s best moments. They are possibly the best comedy duo in the buddy comedy genre, and that’s because of the great script they were given.

Characters; If there’s anything you’ll remember about Wedding Crashers, it’ll be the characters. From the dysfunctional family that our duo stay with, to the eccentric supporting cast who steal the show, Wedding Crashers has a plethora of people to keep your attention. There is never a dull moment because of this electric cast, and the chemistry they have is something sorely missed in many movies of today. Even though the film came out over a decade ago, these personas have managed to stay just as entertaining today as they were so many years ago. Thanks to them, the film goes from a solid buddy comedy, to one of the very best in the genre.

Direction; In David Dobkin’s twenty-some year – and not so extensive – career, Wedding Crashers may very well be his magnum opus. Even though it isn’t some critically acclaimed masterpiece, Wedding Crashers is really a great movie. David Dobkin – though he isn’t a well-known director – was able to put together the flick excellently. He coordinates Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s chemistry perfectly with the script. He also makes sure to have a balanced proportion of whole-hearted moments and comedic elements. The pace Dobkin keeps never falters and works to great effect. Altogether – despite his otherwise not so notable career – Dobkin directs Wedding Crashers with a prowess most in the genre lack.

Story; Wedding Crashers has one of the most intriguing stories when compared to other buddy comedies. The film follows a pair of best buds on a mission to crash weddings and meet women – hence the title. The twist, though, is that one of these two wedding crashers falls in love along the way. The woman who is fallen in love with just happens to be married, too! Not to mention her highly dysfunctional family. Their misadventures are plenty fun to watch and the story has a certain heart to it that pulls audiences in. The main characters have such interesting individual arcs, as well – growing as people and friends throughout the film. It’s a classic – yet unique and interesting – plot for the buddy comedy format.

Enjoyment; As will be said time and time again, Wedding Crashers is entertaining from beginning to end. Thanks to the stellar cast and the film’s perfect balance of comedy and drama, Wedding Crashers is a thrilling time for any kind of viewer. If anything, what makes the movie so fun is the excellent dynamic of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s characters, as their chemistry is perhaps the best part of the film. They provide one of the best on-screen duos we’ve seen in any film, let alone a comedy such as this. As for the “slow” moments, they are equally as good if not better than the “laugh out loud” humor that makes up this film, and don’t detract in the slightest from your experience. Quite simply, Wedding Crashers is a movie for anyone and everyone, and it’s one heck of a good time.

Personal Review

David: “While I first appreciated this iconic pairing of actors in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, it was Wedding Crashers that brought me to love the pairing of Vaughn and Owen. Their on-screen chemistry is unlike like anything else you may find. Add in a wild story, some weirdly interesting characters, and a heart-tugging plot of romance in between, and you have a great movie to watch.”

JP: “In my opinion, Wedding Crashers is the very best collaboration between Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. They make the already great movie so much better with their charm and humor. If you come to watch this film for anything, make sure it’s for them, because I doubt you won’t be entertained. Still, the movie is funny, electric, and highly rewatchable, providing plenty of entertainment.”

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