The Incredibles vs. Incredibles 2

Overall Reviews

The Incredibles; The Incredibles is one of the greatest animated films of all time. It also ranks among the best superhero flicks. The story is where it’s all at – following a family trying to blend into society, despite their superhuman abilities. Each member has their own struggles. On top of that is the pairing of varying ages represented in this family and the accurate family dynamics shown. The characters are just as great individually – especially Bob in his unique complexity and Syndrome with a believable backstory and arc. Not to mention how each voice actor is able to perfectly execute on the well-written script at hand. With an astounding plot to watch and the ease of enjoyment behind this flick, Brad Bird clearly has directed with finesse and created an amazing film for the ages.

Incredibles 2; Incredibles 2 contains possibly some of the best technology ever used in the world of animated filmmaking. From the dazzling visuals to the seamless blending of scenes, Incredibles 2 is undeniably a pretty movie. However, what this sequel lacks is substance – a true meaning behind the message being told. Where the first film emphasized family and growth, the Parr family seems wholly content on barely changing at all in this movie. There are no dramatic character revelations that you weren’t already expecting and even the so called “twists” barely pass as such. From beginning to end, Incredibles 2 lacks the spirit of the first in nearly every regard, with its story of selfish desire coming off as more loud and brash than emotional or meaningful. Brad Bird waited years to release this film after its predecessor was such a success, but we can’t help but wonder what its purpose is. It’s disappointing to see such a well-made movie have such an unnecessary message, let alone one that followed possibly the greatest animated film of all time. Incredibles 2 has beautiful action, strong performances, and excellent animation, but no soul to keep the film meaningful.

The Verdict

Coming out nearly a decade and a half apart, the two Incredibles movies are quite similar. Therefore, the comparisons are hard not to make note of. That being said, the first Incredibles film is most definitely the better flick. Incredibles 2 had big shoes to fill and it clearly struggles to live up to the high standards. The main antagonist is nowhere near as compelling as Syndrome. The family’s realistic dynamic is still there, but the first movie gives more emotional moments with the aforementioned dynamics. Also, Elastigirl is practically the only character with any real growth in Incredibles 2 after every character was set up so perfectly in The Incredibles. Plus, The Incredibles was a purely enjoyable family flick from the start whereas Incredibles 2 is primarily enjoyable due to the nostalgic nature it has. Although, the voice acting is roughly just as good in both and Brad Bird clearly has an understanding of what he’s trying to accomplish and executes on it well for each.  In short, the story’s ability to convey emotion and growth so much better – and still in a relatable way – is why The Incredibles tops its successor.

The Incredibles – Cinemaster Score: 9/10

Incredibles 2 – Cinemaster Score: 7/10

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