Brightburn vs Man of Steel

Overall Reviews

Brightburn; The first mention of Brightburn was enough to peak audience’s interest in the film. The characters are some of the better ones we’ve seen in the genre. Brandon (played with talent by Jackson Dunn) takes on the “superman” role. All the while, the twisted idea of him being villainous works its intended magic. Brandon’s parents feel realistic in their reactions as Elizabeth Banks and David Denman put in a pair of highly convincing performances. The story’s outline basically follows the Superman styled origin – but at a young age, Brandon leans more towards his evil impulses. The script ensures to both remind you of the movie’s inspiration and introduce its unique spin simultaneously. It works well, too – adding to the suspense building as viewers know something is coming eventually. The best part of it all is the payoff, though. Brightburn has some of the most gut-wrenching moments in recent memory. The gore in this movie is amazing – easily enough to make those with a weak stomach queasy. These effects simply add to the film’s overall enjoyment and solidify it as a good horror flick.

Man of Steel; As we mentioned in our ranking of the DCEU, Man of Steel is a top-tier superhero film. Not only does it contain a more grounded and realistic set of characters, but also a more in depth look into Kal-El/Clark Kent’s past. This gives the audience a connection to the character that so many films have glossed over in the past. Henry Cavill does a stellar job as the pivotal hero – displaying a level of intense dedication to the role uncommon in most actors. Zack Snyder creates a story that many fans will appreciate for its respect of Superman mythology, and also one that even the most casual of fans can enjoy. Thanks to the stark beauty of the visuals on screen, Zack Snyder is able to show us the true power of Superman and the amount of responsibility he holds with it. Add in a star studded cast including Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, and you have a film that’s basically the full superhero package. Man of Steel is a modern reimagining of the iconic character that not only served as a strong debut for Henry Cavill, but also as a reminder that the DCEU is capable of great films.

The Verdict

Although these two films are clearly very similar, their differences are what make them so good, individually. On one hand, Man of Steel was unique enough in its execution that it defined the iconic hero in cinema. On the other hand, Brightburn provided a twisted concept to an already great story. Both of the two flicks have plenty of shared key components – but one flick uses them in more successful ways. However, it must be pointed out that Henry Cavill’s breakout talent cannot rightfully be compared with the cast of Brightburn. The script in each matches their respective tones to the tee. Although, one of these films clearly must better be than the other. That film would be Man of Steel – with one standout aspect holding Brightburn back from the same potential. Brightburn is simply a strongly inspired and darkly twisted telling of a base story established so clearly by Man of Steel. Also, if Brightburn had lacked such awesome visual effects, it would be little more than the average horror spectacle. An average horror spectacle that can’t nearly match Man of Steel.

Brightburn – Cinemaster Score: 7/10

Man of Steel – Cinemaster Score: 8.5/10

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