Rocky vs Creed

Overall Reviews

Rocky; When it comes to underdog stories, Rocky is perhaps the very best in the genre. Sylvester Stallone creates a character in Rocky Balboa that everyone can root for, as he challenges the world champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) for the heavyweight title. Stallone’s performance is one of the greatest of all time, as he brings a great sense of realism to the character through his strong emotions. Stallone also wrote the script for Rocky and, in doing so, he creates characters that are relatable in their problems and well-rounded as a whole. John G. Alvidsen isn’t a well known director, however he did an excellent job with the materials he was provided. He manages to portray this underdog tale in a way that many have tried to replicate, but have failed to produce similar results. Really, the only reason you want to watch Rocky will be to see Stallone push himself while that amazing soundtrack is playing. That’s plenty enough to enjoy.

Creed; Seeing the way Hollywood has always enjoyed reviving film franchises, it can’t be taken as much of a surprise that Rocky got its own reboot/sequel. Fortunately, Creed brought new, much needed life to the franchise. The cast brought back Sylvester Stallone as an aged Rocky. He’s the coach for the son of Apollo Creed, Adonis. Adonis is played excellently by Michael B. Jordan. Tessa Thompson joins in as well, playing Adonis’ romantic interest. For Ryan Coogler (Director) Creed is his sophomore film and as such is an impressive blockbuster. Plus, the story itself is highly entertaining. Its plot is built on the base of Rocky. Although, Creed has an additionally emotional plot with terminal illness interfering with Adonis’ career. The balanced respect to its predecessor and originality makes Creed a solid addition to the long-running film series.

The Verdict

It’s easy to compare Creed and Rocky, as they are essentially similar in many regards. However, when it comes down to it, Rocky is what was so culturally impactful that it spawned such a sequel. Rocky has the iconic Sylvester Stallone putting in arguably his very best performance through Rocky Balboa. The relationship he has with Adrian (Talia Shire) is one of the most interesting parts of the film. Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed is undoubtedly the best and most fleshed out of all the Rocky “villains” – especially considering his eventual turn to the “good” side. Of course, there’s Paulie (Burt Young) and Mickey (Burgess Meredith) who encourage Rocky throughout the film and have some of the very best scenes on their own. All of these characters are some of the most interesting and compelling we’ve ever seen on screen. On top of that, the story they are a part of is uniquely executed and told, with our main character being seen as the ultimate loser until he gets a shot at the title. We as the audience can’t help but be pulled into this emotional story, with the iconic soundtrack punctuating moments of pain and victory. While Creed is a great sequel, Rocky is the greatest underdog film of all time, and is just as amazing to watch today as it was decades ago.

Rocky – Cinemaster Score: 9/10

Creed – Cinemaster Score: 9/10

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