Fantastic Four (2015)

Cinemaster Score: 3.5/10

Overall Review

Is Fantastic Four (2015) a good film? No. Is it – at the very least – entertaining? Barely. To be completely honest and fair, Fantastic Four is a cinematic dud. It’s probably easiest to just go through this in a straight forward manner. To start, Michael B. Jordan is the only noticeable actor in the cast. The writing doesn’t seem to be thought out more than minimally. As for Fantastic Four’s titular heroes – they’re just as bad. They aren’t loyal adaptations from Marvel comics in the slightest beyond their base identities and powers. Story-wise, the flick is short and sloppily put together. Each of these failed pieces make sure to ruin any audience’s experience in watching the film. Had it not been for director Josh Trank being held back by the movie’s distributor, maybe Fantastic Four could’ve stood a chance. That wasn’t the case though, and we are left with this horrendous mark on the superhero genre.

The Breakdown

Acting; The cast of Fantastic Four (2015) is barely mentionable. This isn’t because the acting is bad or anything, but because it’s not impressive at all. It is simply mediocre – save for Michael B. Jordan. Jordan is a highly talented actor – which is clear from his work in movies like Black Panther and Creed. Nonetheless, Fantastic Four (2015) is too heavy a weight for only one star to pull on his own. That being said, Jordan does the best he can with such a terrible script. Beyond him, the rest of the cast is just sort of there. Kate Mara plays a practically emotionless version of Susan Storm. Miles Teller plays a young Mr. Fantastic – with a performance that isn’t bad, but isn’t memorable either. Then there’s Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell who play Thing and Doctor Doom, respectively. Although, these two aren’t given enough screen time to get a sense of their acting skills. To say it in a simpler form, Fantastic Four (2015) had almost no actors capable of bearing this all-around failed project.

Script; Fantastic Four (2015) is pretty stupid across the board, but it fails quite spectacularly with its script. Not a single character is fleshed out throughout the film, and they stay rather static until its end. There are no clear motivations for anyone and there’s not a relatable moment amongst them. The dialogue is dull and full of expository nonsense that does little to expand these characters’ roles. Thankfully, the film is short and to the point or we would have to suffer through endless amounts of tedious interaction and rushed plot developments. Everything about the writing is awkwardly worded and performed – making for a very disjointed and boring experience. Nothing about it is well thought out or clearly detailed, making every scene feel stiff and lifeless. All around, it’s very difficult to get through Fantastic Four (2015) without cringing at its mindless script.

Characters; The Fantastic 4 have some of the most iconic heroes and villains of all time. Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Benjamin Grimm make up this team – along with their alter egos. Of course, also a part of this film is one of the best comic villains ever – Doctor Doom. Each of them have extensive backstories, hidden motivations, and interesting interactions with each other across a plethora of comic book sources. Which is why it’s so surprising to see how little these characters in Fantastic Four (2015) resemble their comic book counterparts. Not a single one in this film is given the proper care and attention that they should be given. None are interesting or even likeable, with each one looking and acting like a cheap imitation of their true characters. Doctor Doom in particular – as menacing as he is in the comics – is an absolute failure in every conceivable way. He is neither intimidating nor calculating in his role and is one of the worst interpretations ever. The same can be said for the rest of the characters in Fantastic Four (2015), as they do little to remain interesting – let alone entertaining.

Direction; The dire directing situation involved with Fantastic Four (2015) is reminiscent of Justice League and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 20th Century Fox held back Fantastic Four from living up to its potential. Also, like Justice League, most of the original cut was disregarded when the finishing touches were made. Josh Trank (Director) originally had much more in his take on the film. The runtime would have been longer as to open up the opportunity to make a second act. The script would have been deeper and, overall, the movie would have been much better. However, 20th Century Fox didn’t like what Trank had put together. Much of his work was tossed aside completely – even though it was already filmed. The theater released Fantastic Four wound up being a gloomy, lackluster mess – disappointing both fans and the media in general. It’s quite disheartening that the studio behind Fantastic Four was such a large contributor to its ultimate downfall. Hopefully the characters will be reinvigorated in the future with more reliable directing.

Story; The superhero genre in the film industry has plenty of inspiration to work off of. These stories can make millions if they’re used properly. For example, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has reached new achievements in storytelling. The Fantastic Four property hasn’t been done justice, though. The reboot in 2015 didn’t do any better story-wise. Fantastic Four comics had clearly only inspired, rather than been adapted for the silver screen. That’s not even to mention the plot holes that Fantastic Four (2015) is riddled with. In spite of all that, the problem that sticks out most with the story is how rushed it feels. Watching Fantastic Four feels like watching an episode of television that was padded for time way too much. There is practically no second act at all. The movie jumps from origin story directly into climax. The story isn’t memorable and, really, should be rightfully forgotten.

Enjoyment; If you’re going to make a bad movie, at least make it entertaining. Sadly, Fantastic Four (2015) is both horrible and horribly boring. Not a single joke lands throughout the entirety of this film and there are no creative scenes that showcase the heroes’ powers. There are no profound revelations or meaningful twists to keep you engaged. There are certainly no fan service moments or even comic book related easter eggs to watch for. This film has no rewatchability factor and has no distinctive style to make it interesting. Even for the hardcore fans who already know the backstory of these characters, they still come across as dull and uninspired impersonations of the iconic group many know and love. Sadly, this film is one of the most boring superhero films out there.

Personal Review

David: “I avoided watching Fantastic Four (2015) for quite a while, concerned that it wouldn’t do the characters justice. Unfortunately, Fantastic Four (2015) somehow did worse with these characters than I had expected. The story seemed rushed and wasn’t compelling in the slightest. The time I spent watching Fantastic Four (2015) I would have rather spent rewatching Mission: Impossible 2. I see this as a terrible film and that’s that.”

JP: “I didn’t really expect Fantastic Four (2015) to be a great movie, but I did think it would be much better than the original Fantastic Four film. Sadly, I was mistaken, and this movie turned out to be one of the worst ever made in my opinion. I was bored throughout all of it and very disappointed in the lack of creativity on display. You may find something to enjoy about Fantastic Four (2015), but I doubt you’ll find too much.”


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  1. In my opinion the actors didnt fit with the betrayal of the character and that the movie was overall sloppy and felt that they rushed to make this movie happen.

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