Baby Driver

Cinemaster Score: 9.5/10

Overall Review

Baby Driver is a top-notch piece of cinema in every category. To start, there is the star power its cast carries. The list includes Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey, and Jamie Foxx as impactful side characters with relative newcomers Lily James and Ansel Elgort providing equally as astonishing lead performances. Their characters are entertaining and have an unstable dynamic to fuel the at times palpable tension. Aiding the stars is a witty script that flows very well. Baby Driver’s story, though simple, is not at all bland. It is actually quite unique in the plot’s delivery. Not only is their crime action and romance all balanced to perfection, but there’s great music to go along with it. Baby Driver is an awesome watch and enjoyable all the way. It is surprisingly lead by director Edgar Wright, who proves he can make more serious action films than before and in doing so provides us with this smash hit.

The Breakdown

Acting; Baby Driver has the perfect combination of experienced stars and upcoming – yet skilled – actors. The supporting cast is made up of some of Hollywood’s biggest names. With the likes of Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx as unstable side characters who push tensions to the roof. Aiding them is Kevin Spacey who (once again) proves he can play a criminal mastermind to perfection. But the cherry topping this proverbial sundae are those playing the main characters. The lead role is taken up by Ansel Elgort, a young but promising actor. Elgort proves that he can stand out amongst other greats with strong emotional portrayals. Complimenting Elgort in the female lead is Lily James. She is perfect in her role and surely capable of herself, giving off the feeling of a realistic romantic interest. To put it simply, Baby Driver is filled with amazing acting that makes it all the better.

Script; The script of Baby Driver is sharp and full of excellent dialogue. Supporting characters are given much more care to what they say and, as such, every character in the movie is both important and memorable. Baby Driver has dialogue full of wit and style, infused with the kind of visual imagination not many have been able to replicate. The sheer amount of originality within every scene is jaw dropping, and seeing the way these moments are seamlessly woven together is mesmerizing to watch. On top of that, the crew that Baby is a part of has a unique collection of individuals with their own motivations and eccentricities. They are equal parts charming and menacing in their delivery, thanks to the stellar writing on display. Everything flows together perfectly, and the script is a strong reason for that.

Characters; There is not a dull character present in any of Baby Driver. From Baby himself down to his crew of of charming criminals – no one is poorly introduced or written. Doc, the “leader” of the gang (played with great passion by Kevin Spacey) is one of the best characters in the film and has some amazing scenes with the rest of the cast. Along with him is Bats (Jamie Foxx), Deborah (Lily James), Griff (Jon Bernthal), Buddy (John Hamm), and Darling (Eiza Gonzez). Each one of them have unique personalities and conflicting ideals – so it’s interesting to see the interactions between them. There are twists and revelations with each character and the way they play off of each other provides for some of the best moments in the film. It’s rare to have so many key characters that are so unique and varied in one film and Baby Driver is all the better for it.

Direction; Baby Driver is directed in such a skilled manner it could convince viewers that the director was extremely experienced with the style. While it may seem that way, in reality that is not the case at all. Prior to Baby Driver, director Edgar Wright was mainly know for two works. Those being the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy – which has action only surrounding comedic horror – and Scott Pilgrim vs The World which is action, sure, but in a comic-styled manner. That being noted, Baby Driver was Edgar Wright’s first conventional action drama. Nonetheless, Wright is able to make the switch in his usual tone from comedic to serious. Not to mention how well-crafted and brought together the movie is as a whole – from the casting all the way down to the music. Edgar Wright may not have been the most obvious choice to direct Baby Driver, but he clearly was the right one.

Story; Though the plot for Baby Driver is rather simple in its concept, it’s the execution of said concept that pushes this film above the rest. The story goes as such; Baby is a partially hearing impaired getaway driver who works best when he’s got the right music playing. Baby is coerced into working for a crime boss who he is indebted to. He is given a crew of criminals who have wildly conflicting personalities, and Baby is caught right in the middle of it. This getaway heist plot may sound familiar, but Baby Driver presents the story in the most original of ways. Music is key to this film – every beat, key change, and lyric is used in tune to both the action and calm moments. It combines with each scene to create a truly synergetic experience. There are no slow moments in the story – thanks to this innovative inclusion of music in film. Baby Driver is a once in a lifetime kind of movie, largely because of its flawlessly executed plot and energetic tone.

Enjoyment; Watching Baby Driver is easily one of the best film experiences one can have. From the opening scene all the way until the credits roll, the film is an incredibly fun ride. First and foremost, the movie’s playlist must be mentioned. The soundtrack that plays throughout Baby Driver is not only synced up in the most satisfying manner for each action scene, but also aids the flick’s overall rewatch value. The tone feels consistently paced, giving the story a feeling of realism amongst the action. Speaking of the aforementioned action, Baby Driver is packed with highly entertaining scenes of such. You’d think that’s enough to make an enjoyable action flick, but then there’s consideration of the range of emotions this movie provides its viewers. Audiences watching Baby Driver will likely find themselves feeling the movie’s tension and enjoy its balanced romance all the same. All of which adds together in making one of the most enjoyable films in recent memory.

Personal Review

David: Baby Driver is easily one of my favorite movies of all time. I absolutely adore everything about the film. It’s soundtrack is resounding, the acting (especially from Elgort and James) is impressive, the story mesmerizes. It is a combination of amazing cinematography and story building that you can find few other places. The premise may not sound so interesting at first, but give it a shot and maybe (like me) you’ll find a memorably awesome experience.”

JP: “There’s not many movies that I’ve had as great an experience watching as Baby Driver. The music’s inclusion throughout the film is an excellent element I’ve never seen done so well and with such charm. I fell in love with the film’s style and unique energy – as well as the great characters. I wasn’t bored once in this film, with every action scene being filmed with top tier talent and finesse. I believe wholeheartedly you will enjoy this movie.”

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