Spider-Man: Far From Home

Cinemaster Score: 8.5/10

Overall Review

In the pantheon of great Marvel films, Spider-Man: Far From Home ranks among the greats. While it isn’t among the very best, it is still an excellent addition in the Spider-Man franchise and pushes the character into a territory we’ve never seen before. Every actor embodies their role in new ways, adding growth to their characters (while not in major ways) and leading the series into exciting new ground. These characters stem from an excellent script headed by an ambitious director. Jon Watts takes the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame and crafts a film that not only wonderfully wraps up the implications of Avengers: Endgame, but also the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In embarking on such an endeavor, Watts makes one of the most purely enjoyable Marvel films we’ve seen so far. Not only in terms of the humor accompanying it, but also in the stellar visuals that are spread throughout the film. Because of this, Spider-Man: Far From Home not only serves as one of the premier Spider-Man films, but also as an excellent addition to the MCU.

The Breakdown

Acting; Spider-Man: Far From Home sees an impressive set of actors giving it their all. Even in spite of major stars, the side roles are filled with excellence as well. Samuel L. Jackson and Jon Favreau give Nick Fury and Happy Hogan newfound fun that matches the rest of the tone. The main cast, though, is where the best are present. Jacob Batalon and Zendaya bring growth to their characters from the last movie, showing off their skills now that they’ve been previously established. Then there are the most major of roles. Tom Holland reprises his titular character – able to focus on new emotions to fit the conflict instead of needing to prove himself as the iconic hero like in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Jake Gyllenhaal joins the crowded cast in making it all the more star-studded. He plays Mysterio and to much success. With Gyllenhaal topping off an already amazing set of actors, Spider-Man: Far From Home is surely filled to the brim with fantastic performances.

Script; When it comes to the writing of Spider-Man: Far From Home, it is a very mixed bag. Throughout the majority of the first act, there are far too many moments of forced humor and unrealistic dialogue. It fails to capture the hilarious script that was in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but it does get a few laughs nonetheless. While the first act is quite unsteady in its dialogue, the script for Spider-Man: Far From Home gets progressively better as the story moves along. There are great moments of teen interaction and multiple instances of well placed humor to keep the levity of the film high. Most of the characters are rather one-dimensional in their purpose, and are not really given a designation beyond comedic lines. Only a handful of the main characters are given anything meaningful to work with, and they are excellent because of that. Overall, Spider-Man: Far From Home is a well-written film that does occasionally fail to reach the comedic highs of its predecessor.

Characters; Since Spider-man: Homecoming, we’ve had a certain group of characters who have become mainstays in the series so far. Of course we have Peter Parker, along with Michelle Jones (MJ), Ned Leeds, Happy Hogan, and Aunt May. These aren’t the only ones who make up the characters of Spider-Man: Far From Home but they do carry a decent bulk of it. They are all developed characters who don’t go through any major changes to warrant discussion. They remain largely the same save for perhaps a few new moments of perilous danger accompanying them. Accompanying them is an assortment of secondary characters who are largely used for comedic effect. Some new additions to the Spider-Man series are Nick Fury and Mysterio/Quentin Beck, who do go through an interesting series of events throughout Spider-Man: Far From Home. Altogether, these characters are charming, entertaining, and easily carry the film to greater heights.

Direction; Sam Raimi, Marc Webb, and Jon Watts – each of these men have directed at least two films following Spider-Man. Jon Watts faced the struggle of both finding ways to make the character unique, and incorporating him into the MCU with Spider-Man: Homecoming. After Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Marvel Cinematic Universe went through the major event that was Avengers: Endgame. Jon Watts was the director to return for Spider-Man: Far From Home. The challenge was now to follow up the culmination of over twenty other movies with the final chapter to a saga. It is extremely astonishing that Watts was able to pull off a solid film in the aftermath of such a masterpiece. He brings together the movie’s elements with only a few flaws worth mentioning. In consideration of the aforementioned struggle Watts may have faced, Spider-Man: Far From Home is a feat that he should be graciously credited for.

Story; The story for Spider-Man: Far From Home is one wold ride. Although, what more could be expected from the follow up to the biggest event film in cinema history? The story focuses on developing Peter Parker and his relationships. Things soon delve into action and exposition, with new dangers coming about. But it’s much more complex than that. Spider-Man: Far From Home has many twists and turns throughout the story, even after credits roll. To balance the film’s tone, there are also plenty of emotional scenes to give it weight. In a world without Iron Man, pressure is on Peter to be greater a hero than before. It’s a key piece to the story that helps Spider-Man complete his arc for the movie. Altogether, the story is one of the better stand-alones Marvel’s had thus far and it’ll be interesting to see where the hero goes next.

Enjoyment; There are myriad reasons as to why Spider-Man: Far From Home is such an exhilarating film. The amateur fight scenes of Spider-Man: Homecoming are nowhere to be found here, as Spider-Man: Far From Home delves into the webslinger’s larger bag of tricks. As the film unfolds, the fight scenes become more and more complex – showing off the great skill Spider-Man possesses. To go along with this excellent action comes some great humor and some jaw-dropping visuals. Not since Doctor Strange has a superhero film shown so much creativity and imagination. One scene in particular (you’ll know it when you see it) has some of the very best special effects we’ve ever seen in a superhero film. The sheer level of complex detail put on display in Spider-Man: Far From Home will surely make you awe in wonder – making this experience one of the year’s very best.

Personal Review

David: “Like many people, I rode the hype from Avengers: Endgame into Spider-Man: Far From Home and wasn’t disappointed at all. Really, I was quite surprised. Specifically, I enjoyed the humor and acting from Jake Gyllenhaal. I’ll always love a Spider-Man centralized flick. But this one was quite impressive and if you don’t care for the MCU, give it a watch anyway – just for the phenomenal visuals.”

JP: “It surprised me just how ambitious and surprising Spider-Man: Far From Home was in its story. Not only were there multiple twists and revelations, but the ending and post-credits scenes are the most gutsy I’ve ever seen. As such, Spider-Man: Far From Home has earned my respect for its unflinching originality and charming characters. It was an enjoyable ride for me, and I highly recommend it.”


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