The Wedding Singer

Cinemaster Score: 8/10

Overall Review

The Wedding Singer is one of the best Rom-Coms we’ve ever seen. It has a varied and unique cast of characters who are acted to near perfection. It is written in a self-aware way that makes it not overly sappy or cheesy – crafting loveable and relatable characters who we care for. Although, some of them are generic in their presentations and do little to stand out from other films in the genre. But, they are played with such charm and eccentricity that you can’t help but fall in love with them. They do well to carry the story that – while cliché in its concept – is near perfect in its execution. Frank Coraci infuses the film with songs that grab your attention, keeping you invested in every scene. To wrap it all up, The Wedding Singer is simply a beautifully constructed film that is emotionally resonant, bitingly funny, and highly rewatchable. The Wedding Singer is a film overflowing with personality and will absorb you into its story from the moment it begins. This is not only peak Adam Sandler, but perhaps the peak of Romantic-Comedies as a whole.

The Breakdown

Acting; Adam Sandler is probably at his best here when it comes to acting. He’s not playing some over-the-top character who spouts vulgar nonsense 24/7. Sandler instead plays a more subdued character, using charm and genuine emotions to make us root for him. He has such a strong chemistry with fellow actress Drew Barrymore that when scenes of romance occur, they are as believable as real life. Barrymore plays a loveably naive character in Julia Sullivan, giving her an unflailingly optimistic worldview. Her character perfectly counters Sandler’s, who occasionally delves into a depressed state of mind throughout the film. The rest of the cast is wonderfully unique and eccentric, bringing just as much charisma and charm to their roles as our leads. Undoubtedly, The Wedding Singer is one the of the best acted Rom-Coms in quite some time – thanks to the excellent synergy the cast provides.

Script; In any film, the script is very important – but in a Romantic-Comedy it is especially so. If you take a moment to observe any of your favorite Rom-Coms in detail, it is very clear the writing revolved too much around the essences of romance and comedy. The scripts generally have much too strong concentrations of nonsense that makes you cringe. Albeit another Rom-Com that fails to stand out, that doesn’t mean it is just as bad. The script for The Wedding Singer is one of the best in the genre as a whole. The cheesiness behind it isn’t in too high of amounts at once. The writing makes you legitimately feel and care for the characters so much. Also, The Wedding Singer is completely self-aware of how corny it can get. The finale is written for an unexpectedly perfect ending, as well. As a whole, this script really makes sure to contrast The Wedding Singer from all the other Romantic-Comedies around.

Characters; Character-wise, The Wedding Singer is nothing fantastic. While they aren’t necessarily bad characters, none of them stand out much from other Rom-Coms. Each of them seem like vague templates of regular tropes in the genre. But – at the same time – they’re all crafted with a sense of realism and relatability. They’re emotions bring out a deep empathy and help audiences form a connection with them. Now, that may not seem so greatly important to the success of the flick – but it is. The characters cause audiences to care and think about the movie after it’s over, increasing its quality overall. Unlike most romantic comedies, The Wedding Singer makes sure each of its characters develop well throughout the film. They go from basic to interesting over the course of less than two hours. Altogether, these characters make the film all the better in the end and help to set it apart from others like it.

Direction; Frank Coraci (Director) is a well known collaborator of Sandler’s, having worked with him on several occasions. The Wedding Singer however, is his best work to date. Coraci uses the nostalgic 80’s setting to great effect, crafting a charming Rom-Com full of heart and humor. He guides Sandler into a role that finally allows him to do more than participate in low-brow gags and skits, giving him a humble character to work with. In doing so he allows his supporting cast to shine, as they do frequently throughout. Barrymore is also a wonderfully rounded character, full of a youthful exuberance that is wonderfully magnetic. Coraci deftly balances touching romance with moments of side splitting comedy to craft a wonderfully unique film. The Wedding Singer is Coraci at his absolute best.

Story; For almost every movie, the story must be unique in order to attract audiences. This holds true for The Wedding Singer. As is clear, this film has been overlooked by many as just another Rom-Com. Technically – looking at the synopsis and all – they’re right. In comparison to other pieces of cinema in the genre, The Wedding Singer has a plot that isn’t very new. Nonetheless, its story is great because of the way it’s told. It seems cliché in the grand scheme, sure. The overarching plotline is predictable, too. Yet, it is entertaining like any good Rom-Coms are. Furthermore, The Wedding Singer is very heartfelt – pulling at your heart strings as the story advances. It makes a scenario that can be relatable even in its Hollywood-esque perfect case scenario of a tone. It is a story of unfortunate mishaps that will keep your attention and make you feel for it uniquely.

Enjoyment; One of the best things about The Wedding Singer, is that it is just plain fun in nearly every aspect. The soundtrack is one of the best in any movie out there, giving the film a personality unique to the genre. Every character is absolutely hilarious at one point or another, making the film a fun watch for fans of comedic movies. Even the moments of heart and sap are wonderfully crafted, catering to die-hard romance fans. In essence, The Wedding Singer has something for everyone. Even scenes of heartbreaking sadness give those wanting a more dramatic film what they want. The Wedding Singer is a great mix of all these diverging elements, that converge to make a truly memorable film. It is a fun blast from the past that will stay with you long after you watch it.

Personal Review

David: “Romantic Comedies. They are – in all honesty – a genre I don’t hate, but would be completely fine without. But then there’s The Wedding Singer, a movie that is perfect to watch with that special someone. A movie you’ll feel for and care for with passion. I completely underestimated this flick. What may seem like just another movie is – in all actuality – a great film.”

JP: “I love this movie. It is without a doubt my favorite Adam Sandler movie and probably my favorite Rom-Com as well. It is hilarious, filled with great characters, and uniquely charismatic. Every scene has something memorable in it or a nostalgic song that keeps you invested in this great story. The Wedding Singer is a “once in a lifetime” kind of film.”

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