Back to the Future Trilogy

3 – Back to the Future Part III; Here we have it. The third in a classic trilogy. Now, let’s not get any wrong ideas here – Back to the Future Part III is by no means a bad movie. We simply are saying it isn’t quite as great as the others. Back to the Future Part III is still okay as a fine and classic piece of cinema. However, this trilogy has the unfortunate luck of decreasing in quality by a bit between each film. The acting is on par with the previous flicks in the series. Although, the chemistry between Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd feels weaker than before. The script makes sense and the characters are about the same as we’re used to. Back to the Future Part III’s story doesn’t feel as necessary or iconic as its competition. The western setting isn’t unique or very interesting. The film is enjoyable but can drag into a bore at times with less Sci-Fi to keep you engaged. Back to the Future Part III is alright but again, it lacks the charm of the first two parts to the trilogy. Cinemaster Score: 6.5/10

2 – Back to the Future Part II; While Back to the Future Part II is not as good as the first, it still eclipses the third in nearly every aspect. This time – instead of traveling to the past – Robert Zemeckis takes us on a journey through the future. While the characters aren’t as good here, they are still compelling to watch. The plot itself is more outlandish and less tightly knit than the first, but still manages to provide memorable moments. At times it does get a little too over the top, with one too many plotlines going on simultaneously. Regardless, the time travel gimmick is still just as effective as it ever was – with some charming interactions between characters from both the present and future. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are still just as perfect as before (even with the more confusing script) and put in stellar performances. So – while Back to the Future Part II is overall not on the level of it’s predecessor, it is still a worthy addition to the iconic franchise. Cinemaster Score: 8/10

1 – Back to the Future; Back to the Future is simply a classic film in every regard. It has one of the best time travel stories ever and has even been used as a template for other movies in the genre. Robert Zemeckis (Director) uses a unique idea and turns it into a charming science-fiction comedy filled with twists and memorable moments. Michael J. Fox solidified himself as a great actor with this iconic role. Alongside Christopher Lloyd who plays Doctor Emmet Brown, they carry the film on their excellent acting and comedic timing. Even with the complex story and script, the characters never suffer through expository monologues or boring info dumps. Instead Back to the Future is simply one of the best, with some of the most unique characters and plot devices ever put to screen. It is still celebrated today, and for good reason. Back to the Future is still as iconic as it ever was, and should be lauded for years to come. Cinemaster Score: 8.5/10


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