What’s On Our Site?

For those new to our website, or anyone having difficulty navigating it well, here’s where things are and what is on it in general. At the top there is a menu to click on that will bring you to each page. These pages will consist of that type of review from us. On the home page though, there is a description of who we are and what’s in each type of review. As well as a list in alphabetical order of all the Reviews for that category so you can find a specific post more easily. If you really want to see us review a specific movie you can reach out to us at thecinemasters@outlook.com. We post twice a week and all of our updates will be mentioned through Twitter (@The_Cinemasters) and Instagram (thecinemasters2019). If you like our site and want to see more, simply click any post and scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe or follow us on social media to show your support. Thank you.


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