Cinemaster Score: 9.5/10

Overall Review

Interstellar is one of the best science-fiction films to ever grace the silver screen. The film simply has it all. The cast is star-studded with characters being played by the likes of established actors such as Anne Hathaway and Mathew McConaughey – each giving outstanding performances. The script is also fairly well-written for the most part. But, there are a handful of scenes – especially early in the film – that have a rather clunky dialogue. Renowned director Christopher Nolan leads the whole show, equipping the film with his impressive story-telling. He makes the story phenomenal as it explores many previously unknown areas of the Sci-Fi world. Even with a few parts that drag along, there is consistent pacing for every scene. Overall, Interstellar is nearly perfect and enjoyable to any audience.

The Breakdown

Acting; The cast of this film is pretty great. Interstellar, if you will. The performances are some of the best from the actors present. They all show more ability in their field of work than before. Interstellar is also one of the most interesting and heartfelt roles Matthew McConaughey has had. He – along with Anne Hathaway and the rest of the cast – are able to take a situation that would normally be impossible to imagine emotionally, and give it a relatable taste that most audiences sympathize with. Altogether, it is hard to dispute the amount of skill the entire cast has – and it only adds to how good the film is.

Script; The script for Interstellar manages to be very word heavy and scientific, yet engaging all the same. This is mostly because of the great acting done in its place. Interstellar does have some well written emotional scenes, especially in dramatic and tense situations. Long and drawn out sequences of full on science exposition dumps may put off some, but it remains interesting with some well placed twists. Great dialogue is frequent throughout the lengthy runtime, and makes the experience feel quite brief once pulled in. Interstellar has a standout script you won’t forget.

Characters; The characters in this film are dynamic and intriguing through till the end. Everyone from Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and Brand (Anne Hathaway), down to Mann (Matt Damon), are innovatively acted out – giving their characters lively sparks of realism. The main characters are likeable and give the audience a greater sense of apathy. It’s crazy to watch them all go through such unique arcs as they grow and develop while intertwined with each other. All of which are improved upon with the great script and just as great acting.

Direction; Christopher Nolan is one of the most distinguished directors out there. Without a doubt this is one of his best works, with his tendency for visual spectacle on full display. Interstellar has some striking practical and computer generated effects that put it above even his best works. The cast of characters are fleshed out and believable thanks to Nolan’s ability to give excellent feedback and direction. He always takes a unique idea and presents it in the best way, and Interstellar is no different.

Story; The story’s visual presentation is jaw droppingly awe-inspiring and the expository moments are full of intriguing depth and drama. The plot revolves around a farmer played by Mathew Mcconaughey who must use his unique background to travel into space looking for an alternative for their Earth’s future. Due to a global crop blight, they use all their resources and recruit top minds to search for an answer. Throughout, there are many unexpected twists that will shock anyone who sees it, as well as moments of humor, camaraderie, and hope. With such a bleak tone looming over the film, it can be difficult to stay positive in light of the situation. But thanks to the believable emotions provided, there is an interesting dichotomy of hope and despair in this great story.

Enjoyment; Interstellar is one of the most unconventionally enjoyable films of recent times. It isn’t enjoyable in that same typical way we all imagine. Interstellar isn’t the kinda of movie you smile and laugh with from start to end. But it does keep you on the edge of your seat, loving the characters, the visuals, the story. The journey is fun and breathtakingly entertaining. Interstellar is also very heartwarming with its dynamic between Cooper and Murph. The ending is very gratifying to see after watching over two and a half hours of the story building up to it. As well as – unlike most films that are genuinely enjoyable – Interstellar being one film you’ll care about after the credits roll.

Personal Review

David: “To me, Interstellar is the poster-child for all science-fiction films. It is the perfect example of a phenomenal movie for the genre and kept me fully immersed during it. The duration went by quick as I was highly entertained from start to finish and loved everything about Interstellar.”

JP: “I absolutely loved Interstellar, it was one of those movies that dragged me in immediately and kept me hooked throughout. It is very long, but also very fulfilling. With a beautiful presentation and a grand story full of twists, hope, and depth.”


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