Deadpool vs Deadpool 2

Overall Reviews

Deadpool; Deadpool is very well one of the most loveable Marvel movies to date. It has the best components we could ask for all in one. There’s a solid cast with both experienced and newer stars all performing well. Along with a hilarious script, great characters, and – underneath all the raunchy humor and violence – a heartwarming story. Deadpool is a unique film compared to the formulas previously used, with fewer limitations and more fun than many other superhero films. It is a very enjoyable movie to sit down and watch (or rewatch). Altogether – with the utilization of both a redemption story and R-rated comedy and gore – Deadpool stands as an amazing film like no other.

Deadpool 2; As the sequel to the much-loved lighting in a bottle first film, Deadpool 2 aimed to bring even more chaotic humor and mayhem than the first. The action scenes are more inventive and choreographed, the comedy  is still just as hilarious. Ryan Reynolds puts in another standout performance and those around him – such as Josh Brolin and TJ Miller – are great additions. There is also a rather emotional story that has the guts to make some unexpected turns. It also quite possibly has the best post credit scene in Marvel history. Deadpool 2 adds a whole slew of new characters and created some truly memorable moments throughout. Deadpool 2 is one of the best Marvel movies in recent memory.

The Verdict

This was a difficult choice to make. Both films are so great and similar in quality. But when it comes down to which movie is better overall, the first Deadpool film takes the proverbial cake. It was a close call to make. At the end though, it makes sense. In a pair of films relying on their humor and based on comic stories, those two pieces should be the predominant factors. Therefore, the combination of a set of jokes that hit the target better and a more interesting and well-told story puts Deadpool over its sequel. But it is hard to stress enough how great both these films are and how evenly matched they were.

Deadpool – Cinemaster Score: 8.5/10

Deadpool 2 – Cinemaster Score: 8.5/10

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