Alien (Franchise)

6 – Alien: Resurrection; The Alien franchise certainly has had its ups and downs, but Alien: Resurrection is its worst. While it isn’t terrible, it also isn’t good. The acting is decent but that can’t redeem how terribly unlikable the characters (including Ripley) are. The story is also completely off the chain, as if they were grasping at straws for some kind of new idea for continuation, even though the series had been given a decent ending in ALIEN³. The kills and are good though, and the balance between the genres of thriller and horror keeps each moment interesting. But, Alien: Resurrection does have many flaws and feels as it likely was: an unnecessary addition to the franchise inspired by profits. Cinemaster Score: 5/10

5 – ALIEN³; Alien 3, was a strange sequel, but at least it took risks with the franchise and put it in a new direction. Do all of these risks pay off? No. But some of them prove to be welcome changes. Instead of being set on the Nostromo, Ripley is now put in the prison  Fiorina “Fury” 161. A very bleak and miserable environment that fits with the depressing story well. Rather than our heroine shooting through everything in her way like in Aliens, Alien 3 opts for no weapons, making the situation all the more dire and intense. Sigourney Weaver also puts in another great performance, adding more depth to her character. But the strange lack of attention brought to the deaths of some major characters, the clunky writing that turned most dramatic scenes laughable, and the relentless tone of bleakness does occasionally over-stay its welcome. Cinemaster Score: 6/10

4 – Prometheus; Mystery surrounded most of Prometheus, as many wondered where the series could go from the iconic Ripley movies. When we learned it was a prequel, many dismissed it as pointless filler for unnecessary background information. In actuality, Prometheus has become possibly the most debated of the franchise to date. Its story providing answers, while also introducing new questions and adding interesting lore to the series. The main cast of actors such as Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Noomi Rapace have great chemistry together, creating complex characters that are never predictable with their actions. Ridley Scott uses effective world building by never giving too many answers to the audience and letting the viewer formulate theories on the future of these films. Horror is more heavily used in Prometheus, and to great effect. Even though the iconic Xenomorph is not present in this, tension and an underlying sense of dread drive this film. Overall, Prometheus is a very faithful and intriguing prequel that perfectly sets up movies to come. Cinemaster Score: 8/10

3 – Alien: Covenant; Ridley Scott returns to his great new world in this sequel to Prometheus. Alien: Covenant has everything that was successful from Prometheus and adds onto it, proving Scott’s skill in directing. The world is expanded upon but not too much as to keep from taking away from the story. The characters feel real in their reactions but do some oddly stupid things considering they are scientists. Michael Fassbender reprises his excellent role as not just David (his character from Prometheus) but as a new synthetic being as well. The story is fascinating with a strong and intriguing antagonist. Best of all are the Aliens themselves. They look impressive and every scene they’re in is better because of it. While the Xenomorphs bring true terror seen in the original films, it is the ending that blows audiences away. At the end of the day,  Alien: Covenant is the perfect modernization of this classic series. Cinemaster Score: 8/10

2 – Alien; This is the film that started it all. Alien is one of the most iconic movies of all time and the most influential in creating the genre of Sci-Fi Horror. Containing a cast of skilled actors and actresses including Sigourney Weaver and John Hurt, Alien brings forth some great characters. Other than that though, Alien has one of the most memorable deaths in cinematic history. The story is well-written in having a certain amount of tension and mystery to keep the audience on edge with curiosity. Ridley Scott brings forth skill in directing to create what is a near masterpiece. Everything about this film is amazing, especially the antagonist. The Alien itself sets the stage for the movie with such success as to set up a franchise that – besides a few downsides – is arguably one of the most quintessential to this day. Alien has definitely stood through the test of time without fall as a great to this day. Cinemaster Score: 9.5/10

1 – Aliens; Aliens took what made the original so great, and cranked it up to 11. Sigourney Weaver puts in one of the best performances of her career, making for a vulnerable but very capable Ripley on-screen. The tension is wonderfully built thanks to the ever-present danger of the iconic Xenomorph, who is even more intimidating than in the first. Yes – while this film is more action orientated – the amount of character building, masterful direction, and beautiful special effects make this the best Alien film yet. Not to mention that the inclusion of Newt (Carrie Henn) adds some much-needed depth from the supporting cast. The ending is perfectly paced, its action scenes becoming more elaborate, as it slowly crescendos to the iconic climax. Almost every scene is full of memorable moments that create a lasting impression on any who watch it. No movie better blends the use of action and horror quite like Aliens, balancing the two tones perfectly throughout the film. This is the kind of sequel that filmmakers should aspire to make – better than its original in nearly every way. Cinemaster Score: 9.6/10

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