Predator (Franchise)

4 – The Predator; The Predator is by far the worst in the franchise. It has so many major issues and very little to be its saving grace. From script contradictions, to cliché character, to a story that is convoluted through and through – The Predator just doesn’t hit the marks. It is a letdown to see the franchise fall to this. You can go to the search it click the link in the text above to get a look at all the details on how The Predator was. Cinemaster Score: 3.5/10

3 – Predator 2; Predator 2 showed that putting an alien in a city environment only takes away the feeling of helplessness from the original. Instead of focusing on a smaller group of people, this movie gets hundreds of people and never takes time to fully flesh them out. That connection to the characters that made the 1st so special is completely lost here. There are no new innovations that make this even worth watching, especially since the original was so unique and subversive of genre tropes. Action is reduced to shootouts and mindless explosions, while the actions of the characters themselves carry little to no weight. The Predator itself is treated like any other generic character instead of a monster icon, with his abilities being grossly underused, and his kills being direct ripoffs of the original. Predator 2 is a movie more focused on making money than improving on the character. Cinemaster Score: 5.5/10

2 – Predators; This film is what originally reignited the franchise’s flame and is a close 2nd to the original. It has almost all the elements that made the original Predator great. One of the best additions to the franchise from this movie is the extra mystery and threat that the Predator brings. Predators also goes for more of a modern slasher type of plot scheme. The story is interesting and makes sense. The cast is strong like the original was and they play their parts well. The downside though, is that only a few of the characters are able to be explored all the way and the others simply become added testosterone-fueled bodies to be killed off by the Predator. Ultimately the downfall of Predators just happens to be its triumph as well, with it being overall unoriginal – using a great amount of the same pieces from Predator. Cinemaster Score: 8/10

1 – Predator; Predator is one of the finest action movies of all time. Not because it wows you with jaw dropping set pieces and amazing stunt work. But because of its ability to completely subvert action movie tropes and create a character that’s mythology is still ingrained into modern culture. Predator gives us the most macho men possible in this movie, with Arnold Schwarzenegger starring in the main role. Though, what’s so unique about this movie is that none of them are unstoppable killing machines, but vulnerable people with depth and charm. It masquerades as a metaphor for war, when it really aims to show the helplessness that is within every human being. This may seem like just another monster movie, but this is THE monster movie. The Predator instantly establishes itself as an all time iconic character with it’s unique style and characteristics. Instead of the film ending with a showcase of brute force, it is instead a battle of wits, something uncommon in action movies. If it were just an action movie it would be amazing, but Predator also manages to turn the genre on its head, crafting a science-action masterpiece. Predator is one of the most refreshingly original movies ever made, and an entertaining thrill-ride. Cinemaster Score: 8.5/10

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