DC Extended Universe

7 – Suicide Squad; Suicide Squad is a poster child for the problems with the DCEU. The film is decent at best despite having a strong cast. The likes of Will Smith and Margot Robbie are unable to make Suicide Squad a great film but they do improve what it could have been. The movie does have some humor and a few good action scenes in attempt to fill in as entertainment. But overall the film falls short of expectations as another lackluster story with inconsistent pacing. Cinemaster Score: 4/10

6 – Justice League; You may be wondering why Justice League is so low, since many thought it was a step in the right direction for the DCEU. But this movie is bad mainly because it doesn’t do anything unique with its cast of superheroes and sticks to a generic story with a bland tone throughout. Batman is possibly the worst member of the team as he is forced to tell joke after joke, completely betraying his character from Batman V Superman. To top it all off, Henry Cavill had a mustache he grew for Mission: Impossible – Fallout and the studio decided to CGI it out of the picture to hilarious results. Superman seems stiff and wooden thanks to the awful CGI. Justice League is a generic, toneless and inconsistent mess that is just barely a step above Suicide Squad.  Cinemaster Score: 4.5/10

5 – Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice; Batman vs. Superman is an alright movie, especially compared to some of the worse DCEU films. But that doesn’t make it great. BvS has a well told but flawed story. The primary concern is that it bites off more than it can chew. This movie tries telling TWO iconic DC stories (Death of Superman and The Dark Knight Returns) in a single film. This attempt causes a weird casting scenario with a much older Batman duking it out with the same young Superman from Man of Steel. The first half of the film is somewhat boring as it is pure buildup to what will come. The rest of the movie has great fighting scenes between the two protagonists (or antagonists depending on your perspective) and an intriguing subplot in between. The film successfully keeps true to its dark and gritty comic inspirations throughout. Although, there is the weird portrayal of Lex Luthor by Jesse Eisenberg and a gross looking CGI Doomsday but besides that the ending is good and the movie finds its balance between the stories as it introduces us to the next member of what is destined to be the Justice League. Cinemaster Score: 5.5/10

4 – Shazam!; The seventh entry in the DCEU should be top of the line. That it is, checking out as one of the best they’ve released. But is it number one? Definitely not. Shazam! is a really awesome movie. It has a pretty impressive acting duo as the protagonist, as well as a fun and positive script. These join together with a skilled horror director’s darker style to make a great film. The mixing of tones work very well in delivering a heartfelt, entertaining story. It’s quite enjoyable for audiences, but isn’t the best from DC. Shazam! fell short in comparison with its too quick transition to the third act and its occasionally lackluster action scenes. Shazam! is definitely a great film and set the stage for the franchise’s future. Cinemaster Score: 7.5/10

3 – Wonder Woman; Wonder Woman was a step in the right direction for DC, providing a story full of heart and a great hero to root for. While it is fun and very action packed, the movie isn’t afraid to have slow moments with its characters. The main problems with it are the extreme use of slow motion which is in practically every action scene. There are three villains in this movie and not a single one is interesting to see as they are extremely generic and cheesy. The special effects at times are also noticeably fake in some areas but overall Wonder Woman is a fun, emotionally satisfying film with good action, poor villains, and some strange uses of special effects. Cinemaster Score: 8/10

2 – Aquaman; Aquaman is easily near the top of the list for the Detective Comics Extended Universe. It has the enjoyment factor DC’s films have aspired to have since the start of the 21st century. Aquaman has great action, stunning visuals, solid comic characters, and most importantly – an entertaining story. It tops all of that off with a pinch of comedy that doesn’t feel very forced or like it is what the film relies on to succeed. Wan directs Aquaman better than anyone else could have and with fantastic timing. This movie breathes a new life into a franchise that was still struggling to find its footing over the span of five movies. Aquaman does have its flaws but compared to the rest of the film, though, including a dry script beyond its occasional comedy. After it’s all said and done, Aquaman is exactly what the DCEU needed for its audiences – even if the film isn’t the greatest. Cinemaster Score: 8/10

1 – Man of Steel; Man of Steel is full of breathtaking action, beautiful cinematography, realistic characters, and a strong performance from Henry Cavill as Superman. The side characters carry scenes well on their own and are never over the top with their performances. Particularly, Kevin Costner as Clark Kent’s father and Amy Adams as Lois Lane provide unique takes on the characters and make the film feel relevant and modern. Zack Snyder uses his eye for spectacular action and special effects perfectly in the superhero genre, while also blending it with the real world actions of the characters. Man of Steel was a strong return to form for Superman, and an intriguing modernization of the world he lives in. Cinemaster Score: 8.5/10

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