The Dark Knight Trilogy

3 – The Dark Knight Rises; The Dark Knight Rises is a solid movie that – while having some very strange logic jumps – still manages to be more realistic than the majority of superhero movies. The action scenes are made with that signature Nolan touch, opting for more practical effects rather than CGI. Batman is still growling his way through the script, and the villain – while menacing – still can’t escape the shadow of his predecessor. Catwoman is an interesting addition and so are the rest of the cast, but the film struggles to be better than the 2nd or even 1st film. Overall it’s a well made film but is still full of glaring mistakes that can’t be ignored. Cinemaster Score: 7.5/10

2 – Batman Begins; Batman Begins was a turning point for not just Batman movies, but superhero movies in general. It started the genre of the brooding superhero in a more realistic world shtick that many have failed to recreate. When people first heard about the premise of the film, (that guy from American Psycho is playing Batman?) many were skeptical. Thankfully, Christopher Nolan was the perfect fit to create a realistic Batman, and his direction works perfectly within a superhero film. The action is engaging, the characters important to every decision Batman makes, and Gotham is perfectly realized. This movie was sorely needed after the fiasco that was Batman and Robin, which turned off our interest in superhero films for a while. But somehow Nolan gave us something we wanted and something we hadn’t see before – and it surpassed all our expectations. While this movie is amazing, it is nowhere close to our number 1 spot.               Cinemaster Score: 8.5/10

1 – The Dark Knight; Our number 1 spot is – by far – The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is a masterpiece and is arguably the best superhero movie ever. It is beautifully crafted with well-rounded, dynamic characters. The film is overall dark and gritty but it is perfect for a Batman story. The action is great through and through. The story is like something you’d read in a classic comic yet it remains original. The acting is great, especially Heath Ledger’s iconic adaption of The Joker that set the bar unreachably high. The Dark Knight is nearly flawless, making it not just the best DC film ever, but one of the greatest movies of all time. Cinemaster Score: 10/10

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