Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Cinemaster Score: 10/10

Overall Review

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is unequivocally the most complete, exhilarating, piece of action cinema of all time. The way the film seamlessly blends elements of the past into the future of the franchise is masterful. Tom Cruise returns as the titular character Ethan Hunt in peak form. Performing daredevil feats and defying death before our very eyes. The side cast is given crucial roles in the story and provide welcome camaraderie. Storytelling in action films is at its top form as the mysterious plot slowly unravels every twist and keeps you engaged throughout. Mcquarrie has directed and written a masterpiece that will not soon be forgotten. Practical effects shows that action is always best when its done for real. And we cannot forget the stunt-work and set design in this movie. Seeing every action performed as if its been meticulously staged and planned, is a something sorely missing in many action films. But Fallout, even being the 6th installment in the franchise, manages to be the most daring, the most exhilarating, and breath taking action movie ever

The Breakdown

Acting; Mission: Impossible – Fallout’s acting is one of it’s best features, tied neck-and-neck with all of its features. It doesn’t compare to the bad acting of MI-2 by any means at all. The acting is really good. The cast is obviously comfortable as their characters and play them well. It only improves a little from the previous film in the Mission: Impossible series while every other aspect does improve extremely from the rest of the series and set it apart. The acting might not seem as good because of it but you can’t fix what isn’t broken. The acting IS good. Tom Cruise returns for his now iconic role as Ethan Hunt and – even though he’s in his mid-50’s – has the same energy as he does in the original. Henry Cavill brings as much as desired to the table as well in his biggest role since playing the Man of Steel. The rest of the cast outside of Jeremy Renner shows up as well, all refined and perfectly playing their parts.

Script; McQuarrie wrote the script with only 2 weeks left until filming, and the rush does not show at all in Fallout. Intriguing plot twists, memorable lines, compelling character arcs, and written free from clichés. In action, the script conveys urgency and energy, but in moments of subtlety there is a sense of mystery and paranoia. Side characters are treated with the same care as the main cast, and never detract form the experience. Villains are written in shades of grey and never black and white with their motives. The excellent screenplay elevates this already astounding movie.

Characters; Each character in Mission: Impossible – Fallout grows in their ways. All the best and most loved characters return for the movie. They each become more interesting and lovable as the series (and this movie specifically) goes on. There’s also the newly introduced. They are somehow different and interesting even with the already existing character variety. Ethan Hunt keeps himself unpredictable and mysterious as he should be. All-in-all, MI-Fallout keeps its characters well-rounded, growing, and diverse despite being on the franchise’s 6th installment.

Direction; Christopher McQuarrie has always emphasized practicality over CGI in his films, and Fallout is no different. The action scenes are directed with such a realistic and personal feeling, that the viewer feel like they’re with the character every step of the way. McQuarrie clearly has an understanding of Hunt’s character, and presents him as familiar, yet strangely mysterious. The side characters are each given important actions and shining moments that showcase the director’s talent. But the crown jewel of this film is the action, and McQuarrie has crafted the finest of all time.

Story; Mission: Impossible – Fallout’s story is an absolute masterpiece. It take the best parts of all the films before it and blends them into a perfect combination. The characters feel truly real and important whether new or old. The action and pacing are mixed up in great fashion. The plot twists are genuinely unexpected for once. The movie has all the pieces we stereotypically think of in an action movie but pull it off flawlessly. The government gets in the way some, sacrifices are made, and so are fun moments. The best two things of all are: The latex masks – that have been used since the original had been beginning to get old, predictable, and seemed like a go-to plot device just to speed up the story – are once again used in perfect fashion and throw you for a loop, and the second thing is that it seems impossible. Even though deep down you know that it’ll work just in the nick of time, audiences will still be on the edge of their seats until the timer inevitably stops. With a story like no other, MI-Fallout is easily a 10/10.

Enjoyment; Fallout is one of the most enjoyable movies I have ever seen, and is highly re-watchable thanks to its fast pace, and satisfying action. When the opening credits hit, you know you’re in for an experience, and Fallout certainly does not disappoint. Fan service, plot twists, intelligent dialogue, and the ability to completely immerse you, Fallout pulls you in and doesn’t let go until you’ve fallen off the edge of your seat. When a movie so perfectly comes together, and does it in the blink of an eye, its hard not to love watching Fallout, even if it’s the 6th time you’ve seen it.

Personal Review

David: “I absolutely loved MI-Fallout. It was the best action movie I ever recall seeing and I’m sure I’ll watch it many more times as I grow old.”

JP: “I loved Fallout when I first watched it, and I loved it even more when I saw it again. I can’t reccomend this movie enough, it is my personal favorite action film ever and I doubt that will change.”

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